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The vagaries of the body >>

Structure your shoulders to balance the width of your hips.

-the raglan – sleeved
– the armholes
– neck necklines ( classic t-shirt )

In focus :
+ details of inserts on the shoulders
+ the puff sleeves and tailors
+ corsages with U.S. armhole

You need to soften the line of your shoulders without masking.

In focus :
– shoulder details
– necklines wide open on the shoulders/ Jackets and coats crossed
balloons – sleeved
– narrow straps

+ V- necklines and U
+ high monochromatic color
+ raglan sleeves and hammer
+ the sleeveless blouses

Lengthen your neck and torso without hiding your feminine curves.

– wide belts that cut the torso
– details and pockets to chest height
– turtlenecks
– T- shirts and blouses farms rising neck
– blouses with large grounds the – empire dresses

In focus :
+ appropriate bras
+ V- necklines and U
+ the fitted jackets that bow size
+ cross- dresses and sweaters cover heart

Try to give a rounded chest . This detail refine your size.

– unstructured large high
– preformed clothes you do not complete

In focus :
+ bras preformed ( curved effect)
+ details , patterns, buttons and pockets at the chest level
+ blouses and fitted jackets
+ high colored and printed
+ cross- dresses, empire blouse

Looking to slim and lengthen your arms.

– tight sweaters that accentuate the width of the arms short – sleeved
– sleeveless blouses
– delicate watches and bracelets

In focus :
+ straight , not slinky sleeves and closed wrist
+ handles that draw attention to the wrist and shoulders lighten
+ high color and monochrome
+ the kimono sleeves
+ wide bracelets that decorate the wrist

Make your silhouette longer by drawing eyes to your upper body.

– everything that is tight
– sweaters too short and low rise jeans
– Details up to the belly and hips ( waist pockets and surplus fabrics )

In focus :
+ tunics , blouses and sweaters that cover the belly
+ dresses and empire waists
+ monochrome sets
+ the printed diagonally
+ drapes (not tight )
+ pants without pleats and no details on the hips
+ stretch jeans

Looking to stretch your legs while defining your waist line.

– anything that cuts the length of your legs ( capris, shorts )
– anything that encircles your hips
– leggings that cut leg

In focus :
+ mini skirts (if your body allows it)
+ shoes tone on tone with the color of your skirt , tights and pants
+ black tights go with a tunic
+ rights pants
+ the empire tunics and belted at the waist

Lengthen the silhouette accentuating the middle shoulder to balance the top and bottom of the body.

– chandeliers and shiny fabrics
-satins tights, prints , textures and colorful light – tight fabric and
– white pants and light colors

In focus :
+ Skirts that movement ( trumpet line)
+ mats and tissues that the maintenance
+ The matt tights, opaque and semi -opaque
+ high colored and printed